There are many aspects to take into account when installing a pool in the garden. From its size and location to the shape, depth or color of the sheet to choose from. However, one aspect that we must not ignore is the SECURITY.

In order to have a pool free of slips, we recommend the non-slip sheet CEFIL POOL, also called SPOT sheet. This sheet is ideal for areas where bathers pass. Our anti-slip sheets have the slipperiness certificate grade C, this gives them the roughness more than necessary to avoid any fall.

Within the range Cefil Pool We have several alternatives of non-slip sheet. The objective is to provide safety to the end user while maintaining the visual aesthetics of the pool. We detail all our alternatives:

Classic Collection:

Unicolors: This collection is made up of 9 very attractive colors, all of them. Each color has its non-slip version, a unique engraving that provides the slipperiness grade C certificate.

Prints: Within the prints we highlight the most popular of all, the Mediterranean. This design has its non-slip version. As they are stamped sheets, combinations with unicolor non-slip sheets are very common.

Experience Collection

Within the EXPERIENCE COLLECTION we highlight the range TESELA in 5 colors. All of them have the highest degree of slip resistance, belonging to GROUP C.

Nature Collection:

The five models in this collection (Vulcano, Glacier, Ciclón, Ventus and Terra) have the highest classification as non-slip material, GROUP C.

Onyx Collection:

The Ibiza, Bahamas, Manhattan and Hawaii membranes in this collection have also obtained GRADE C for slip resistance.

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