CEFIL POOL is a reinforced sheet that adapts perfectly to all types of pools and surfaces: cement, concrete, tile, wood, ceramic, paint, polyester, metal, etc.

As it is a flexible material, it fits perfectly to any design of the pool vessel.

It is the ideal system for the pool refurbishment, mainly due to the following reasons:

  • waterproofing guaranteed
  • absence of sharp edges
  • cleanliness and speed of execution
  • a brilliant result
  • immediate filling of the pool and no drying time needed

The reinforced membrane´s assembly steps can be summarized in the following points


1. Preparation:

  • Disinfection of microorganisms in the pool glass
  • Installation of geotextile felt if necessary

2. Redesing:

It is essential and of extremely important to make an exhaustive calculation of the different dimensions of the pool to perform a perfect work in terms of aesthetics - without bags, wrinkles, etc.- and of course in waterproofing.

3. Mooring:

In order to set the CEFIL POOL reinforced liner to the pool, a CEFIL POOL laminated metal profile will be installed on the top edge of the vessel.

4. Double Thermofusion:

Two parallel thermofusions will be made with a recommended overlap of 5 cms.

5. Stairs, Columns...

CEFIL POOL reinforced membrane fits all shapes and designs.

6. Verification test

Verification of the quality of the thermofusion.

7. Liquide PVC:

The application of the liquid PVC CEFIL POOL guarantees a greater sealing performance and aesthetically improves the thermofusion joint.

8. Filled of the swimming pool inmediately.

Make sure your installer is a certified professional.